Auckland's brand

Building Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s brand as a place to visit, live, work, study and do business starts with understanding what makes Auckland unique.

Extensive research undertaken in collaboration with Auckland’s residents identified what differentiates our region from the rest of New Zealand, and the rest of the world.  

Find out more below about Auckland’s Place DNATM, our essence and our brand themes.



Place DNATM , or place identity, is the combination of defining attributes and traits that make a place what it is. Our Place DNA represents how people of Auckland view their region.



As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland’s identity is inextricably linked with our urban identity, particularly for our domestic audience. But there’s more to our region than this. Auckland’s blend of our economyMāori identitycultural diversitynature and urban-ness is what makes our region unique in New Zealand and the world.

Ahau tuakiri 
Personality traits 


Collectively, Aucklanders are defined by our youthful energy and open-minded attitudes. We’re easy-going and relaxed, and - despite our region’s size - Auckland still feels intimate and connected

See how our attributes and personality traits combine to create our Place DNATM statement. 



Our essence is the heart and soul of our brand. It’s not a tagline or slogan, but a sentiment to underpin our communications: Auckland is a place that makes a positive impact.

Tauākī pītau ira ā-wāhi
Place DNATM statement


See how our attributes, personality traits, and essence combine to create Auckland’s Place DNATM statement.


In city marketing, themes help people tell the stories that are most closely aligned with the city’s Place DNATM. By aligning our communications around these themes, we tell an authentic and consistent story in a way that people can connect with emotionally.

He whaitua whai wairuatanga
Region of Wairuatanga

  • Māori values
  • Life essence

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is home to a living, vibrant indigenous culture. Māori culture is alive through the language, tikanga (protocols) and values that are practised and seen in our communities. The mauri (spirit) of this city lies deep within its core.


He tōpūtanga ao
Collective worlds

  • Bicultural
  • Multicultural
  • Unity in diversity

With one in three residents born overseas, Auckland is both quintessentially Kiwi and surprisingly global. One city with many worlds, where we embrace diversity and anyone can make themselves at home.


He wāhi whakakaupapa
Playground for ideas

  • Inspiration and innovation
  • Young and welcoming
  • Good growth

A playground where early adopters and forward-thinkers can experiment with new businesses, met by our youthful spirit and will-do attitude. We place people, nature and quality of life before growth at any cost.


He whakamarutanga ā-tāone
Urban oasis

  • Balance
  • Quality of life
  • Restorative city

A restorative urban oasis where the work and life balance easily. Auckland offers the best of both worlds for our residents and visitors: the opportunities of a vibrant city, surrounded by spectacular nature.



View and download the Tāmaki Makaurau He Aratohu Auckland Playbook for more on Auckland’s place brand.